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Albanian citizenship is acquired by:




Acquisition of citizenship by birth

Everyone born of at least one parent with Albanian citizenship shall acquire Albanian citizenship automatically.

A child born or found within the territory of the Republic of Albania acquires Albanian citizenship if he is born from unknown parents and would consequently become stateless.

If the child’s parents become known before the child reaches the age of 14, and they hold foreign citizenship, Albanian citizenship can be relinquished at the request of his lawful parents, provided that the child does not become stateless as a consequence of this action.

A child born within the territory of the Republic of Albania from parents holding another citizenship, who are lawful residents in the territory of the Republic of Albania can acquire the  citizenship with the consent of both parents.

Acquisition of citizenship by naturalization

A foreigner who has submitted an application for acquisition of the Albanian citizenship by naturalization shall acquire it if he fulfils the following requirements:

he has reached the age of 18;

he has lawfully resided in the territory of the Republic of Albania for not less than five consequent years;

he has a dwelling and sufficient income;

he has never been sentenced in his state or in the Republic of Albania or in any third state for a criminal offence for which the law provides for a prison sentence of not less than three years.

Exemption from this rule is made only if it is proved that the sentence was given for political motives;

he has at least elementary knowledge of the Albanian language;

his acceptance as an Albanian citizen does not affect the security and defense of the Republic of Albania.

A foreigner who has reached the age of 18 can acquire Albanian citizenship by naturalization. Even if he does not fulfill the requirements of this law, except for those under point 6, if the Republic of Albania has a scientific, economic, cultural or national interest.

If a foreigner proves that he is of Albanian origin up to the second degree, be it even from one parent, the time of residence in the Republic of Albania contemplated in point 2 of this Article must be at least three years. All other requirements for the acquisition of Albanian citizenship provided for in this Article remain unchanged.

A foreigner married to an Albanian citizen for not less than three years can acquire, if he so wishes, Albanian citizenship by naturalization even if he does not fulfill the requirements under points 2 and 5 of Article 9. In such case, the foreigner must have resided, continuously and lawfully, in the territory of the Republic of Albania for at least one year.

If both parents acquire Albanian citizenship by naturalization, their children who have not reached the age of 18 and live with their parents become Albanian citizens at the request of the parents and with the consent of the child, if he is 14-18 years old.

If one of the parents acquires Albanian citizenship, his children under 18 years of age become Albanian citizens if that is requested by both parents, or by one of the parents if the other parent is stateless and the child is resident in the Republic of Albania.

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