Annual Individual Income Statement (DIVA)

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The deadline for submitting the declaration and payment of personal income tax has been postponed until June 30, 2021  DIVA


  • Each individual, who is employed by more than one employer;
  • Each individual resident in Republic of Albania, whose incomes are earned in Albania or outside the country, during one year over the amount 2,000,000 (two millions) ALL;
  • Each individual non-resident, who realizes taxable incomes, with its source in Republic of Albania over the amount 2,000,000(two millions) ALL;

Has the obligation to submit Annual Individual Income Statement (DIVA) for the year 2020.

If the taxpayer results in payment, the tax payment is made no later than 30th of April 2021.

In case of failure to complete it in time or incorrect completion of the annual income statement, are applied administrative and criminal sanctions.

Contact Us   and ZLA Consulting Staff will provide you with assistance in completing and submitting the statement.

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