Law on foreigners: Changes effective from 3 November 2021

Foreigners Law In Albania

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Added motivations for obtaining a residence permit

  • Au Pairs” Residence Permit

A person who is temporarily invited from a family, in order to improve his language skills and knowledge of the Republic of Albania, in exchange for light household chores and childcare.

Continues as long as the agreement lasts without exceeding one year

  • Residence Permit for Job Search or Entrepreneurship for Researchers and Students

Continues for a period of at least nine months in order to look for work or develop a business.

The work or business activity that will be started must be in accordance with the object of scientific research.

Must have a level of education not higher than level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework.

  • Temporary Residence Permit because of Owned Real Estate

Proves the ownership, co-ownership to the extent ½ of such immovable property, in accordance with the legislation in force, for which he is owner during the time of the residence permit.

Term up to 1 year for the first time and renewable every year if the foreigner continues to meet the criteria.

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  • Residence Permit for Retirees

Foreign citizens must be retired according to the legal provisions in their country.

  • Term up to 1 year for the first time and renewable every year if the foreigner continues to meet the criteria.
  • Proves that there is an annual income from the pension up to the value of 1,200,000 ALL.
  • Has a bank account for the transfer of the pension.
  • Possess proof of accommodation
  • Unique Permit for digital moving employees:

Do you want to stay in Albania as a Digital Nomad? Our tax and immigration lawyers offer comfortable relocation.

Whether you are new to the Albanian legal system or lived here before, we will guide you to the desired outcome.

Remote workers have a big variety of immigration opportunities. Depending on the country of origin and job details, you will be able to choose between a Business Activity or different types of  Residence permits. As well we share understanding how to avoid double taxation. Our lawyers securing effortless migration while helping to save your money and time.

Work remotely for your company and live in Albania. We provide comprehensive assistance during your stay: visa, residence permit, taxes and real estate.

  • Employment Motivation Residence Permits will be Merged with the Residence Permit into a Unique Permit.
  • Unique Permit as investors/ employee/ self-employment/ highly qualified employees/ athletes/ contracting services/ voluntary services
  • Unique Permit to transfer within the enterprise (TBN) / as cross-border worker
  • Unique Permit for vocational training

*ZLA Consulting can provide you with full assistance from registering a business in Albania, following the relevant declarations under Albanian law, as well as the completion of work and residence permit and any other legal and financial matters.

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