Decision Regarding Employees Economic Assistance base on Financial Package II

Paketa Financiare nr. 2

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Based on Decision no. 423, date 28.5.2020 Changes and Additions to Decision no. 305, Dated 16.4.2020, of the Council of Ministers regarding the Procedures, Documentation and amount of Financial Assistance for Current and dismissed Employees due to Covid-19, the Albanian authorities have decided to provide:

    Financial assistance of 40,000 (forty thousand) ALL, to former employees in companies that have been allowed perform their activities or have been closed according to the orders of the Minister of Health and Social Protection, who were dismissed from date 1 March 2020 to May 17, 2020.
    In cases the application is not made by the company, the financial assistance to the employees or former employees will be provided immediately after approval by the tax administration. Approval is made after verifying the criteria based on the data available to the tax administration or the data that employees or former employees will submit.
    The deadline for the submission of data is June 5, 2020.
    In order to benefit from the financial assistance, the employee must have been in an employment relationship, according to the provisions of this decision.
    Employees or former employees who receive financial assistance according to this decision, cannot benefit from other financial packages of economic support as well as from the payment of income from unemployment, based on law no. 7703, dated 11.5.1993, according to which the benefit is not allowed at the same time from two state support schemes.
    All the persons that have applied for unemployment assistance who have completed the file within the legal criteria and have acquired the status of beneficiary, the right to benefit from unemployment assistance will not be lost, but the delivery of unemployment benefits will begin after the termination of the assistance provided according to this decision, if the person is still unemployed.

Notice from the General Tax Directorate

    The General Tax Directorate has informed all companies that meet the criteria according to Decision no. 305 date 16.04.2020, as amended, to submit the Request for financial assistance, for the employees who are beneficiaries according to that decision. The processing of these requests will be automatic, i.e. after the submission of the Completed Form, in the Status section the Approved note will be displayed, which means that the request has been approved automatically and will continue with the payment of the 40,000 ALL for the employees.
    The application for the beneficiary employees, performed online, by the companies, is open until June 5, 2020, excludes them from the penalty provided in case on non-application.

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