Covid-19: Protocols of Sanitary-Hygiene Measures for Businesses

Protokolle masa higjeno-sanitare

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Albanian authorities have adopted a series of measures that each company must apply based on the protocols published. Companies must verify their activity code in order to apply the right protocol and hygienic-sanitary measures during the performing of the activity.

Below you can check the protocols approved by the the Ministry of Health and Social Protection with order no. 266 date 21/04/2020.

Green Protocoll

Yellow Protocoll

Red Protocoll

Also, pursuant to the provisions of the Red Protocol of hygienic-sanitary measures Covid-19, the State Labor and Social Services Inspectorate through an announcement, on the official website , informs all business entities that they have the obligation to notify to this institution the personal information and the respective license of the person responsible for health at work. These notifications are performed by sending the above information in the e-mail address:

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